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 [Trailer] M.I.C new album 《Color》is planned for release (continuing)

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Date d'inscription : 2012-02-14

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PostSubject: [Trailer] M.I.C new album 《Color》is planned for release (continuing)   Tue 7 Aug - 3:38

M.I.C will be releasing their first ever Digital Album today, and the following 10 tracks might be included in this new album. Some of these songs will probably be included in the OST of the upcoming new drama “JA: Strength To Fly” (将爱3:因为爱情) as well.

Whether there is an actual physical album depends on the number of downloads of these songs, thus to support our boys, please download the genuine mp3 legally from http://music.10086.cn/ ONLY costs 2 RMB (≈0 .252 EURO) per a song.

However, fans from overseas might not be able to use this downloading service at the moment. Yet, we can still give our biggest support by spreading and sharing this exciting news and these fabulous trailers to others!!!

Why wait?! Let’s Do It! Go Go Go Go Go Go ~

Still Loving U


Flirting with Heart



My Place

Lonely Night