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PostSubject: Rules    Sat 4 Feb - 0:11


WELCOME ON MIC France-International

Before anything else, you have to know that we are not particularly keen on creating rules for the forum but it remains compulsory for any forum which respects itself.
Rules are not meant to annoy you, scare you or anything else, but only to ensure the smooth functioning of the forum, and all this, in the enjoyment, the cheerfulness, the conviviality and without any uncontrolled behavior.

  • Good functioning of the forum

    Chapter 1 : Respect

Respect for others is a matter which we particularly cherish. Thus, we ask you to respect all members of the forum as well as members of the staff.

Any homophobic, racist, sexist, offensive, political contribution or any comment inciting to hatred or discrimination or violating the integrity of the person will not be tolerated and will systematically be punished

The penalty will vary according to the content of the comments (it can go from a simple warning to a temporary or definitive exclusion from the forum). If one of you were a victim of one or the other of these behaviors, please feel free to inform the administrative team which will take the necessary measures.

It is highly recommended not to settle your disputes on the forum. We ask you to use the pm only for not entailing other members in your quarrels.

Then, as indicated in its designation, MIC France-International is an international forum intended for, consequently its members from worldwide, and are not necessarily understand English, Chinese or French speakers. Thus, in order to facilitate the understanding of the messages as well as the exchanges between members, please avoid as much as possible the use of too many colloquial words or abbreviations. Finally, please watch your language. No rude or offensive language will be tolerated.

    Chapter 2: Staff and moderation

Before anything else, members of the Staff are volunteers and volonteer. They are neither paid nor slaves of the forum. To put it clear even if some administrators are very often involved in the forum, the fact remains that they all have, quite as you, a life out from the forum. Some of them are workers and the others are still students. Therefore, it is useless to harass them by pm to obtain any answer. They will always take the time to answer you, even if it is a little bit delayed (if one of the administrators does not answer after a 2-day period, address another administrator).

When a subject is opened, the referencing of every staff member is indicated along with a specific section to leave your questions HERE in order to facilitate communication between staff members and members of the forum .

    Chapter 3: Flood

The flood section is made to relax, have fun and talk about other matters than the group. Any member can have access to this section however please note that the rules remain the same than the ones applicable to the forum. Be careful of your writing to avoid any uncontrolled behavior.

The flood section has not been created to increase the number of your messages to get access to a subject. We have nothing against the flood, however, please avoid spending too much time on it. We’re begging you to answer with more than 10 words. We do not want answers such as "OK", "cool", "hahaha " or " too beautiful, I like it " to proliferate. Please, try to make answers which could be a little bit more constructive.

If we note that you are only active on the flood, measures will be taken.

    Chapter 4 : Hiatus, Absence, Departure

French members → To limit the number of ghosts members and keep the forum active, we shall ask you to indicate your hiatuses, absence or departure in the opened topic to that purpose HERE.

An absence of one month without prior notice will lead to a warning, then the withdrawal of your account. However, a one week leave without prior notice is allowed.

All → If you wish to leave the forum and delete your account, please send a pm to one of the administrators to inform us of your departure. We do not ask you to give any justification. Everyone is free and your privacy is your own concerns.

    Chapter 5 : ChatBox

We set up a ChatBox so that the communication is easier. Please avoid any uncontrolled behavior or your registration/account will be suppress.

    Chapter 6 : Language

Double comments are formally forbidden as well as the text language. We remind you that not all members master English, Chinese or French, thus it is necessary to allow every member to understand what you are talking about on the forum. Please keep in mind that many of us use an on-line translator to be able to communicate.


    Chapter 1: Choice of your pseudonym

You are free to choose your pseudonym. However, any pseudonym cannot exceed 15 characters. A pseudonym is not a novel. Are forbidden any pseudonym made of the name or the pseudonym of one of the members of the group. For example: "Phibian_00", "Ilove. Aero","steelo-is-the-best", "JianCi.ismyhubby". Besides, for our Asian friends, we leave them a small privilege! They are allow to freely choose their pseudonym only if it is written in Chinese characters (some groups exist, if you want "to show" your favorite).

    Chapter 2: Signature of the rules

By registering you on this forum, you will be deemed to have read and accepted this set of rules. Now, before being able to interact on the forum and to confirm us that you really read the rules, we shall ask you to answer this subject with the mentions " I read and I approve the rules "

    Chapter 3: Your introduction

Please, introduce yourselves. We do not ask you to draft a detailed biography, but to briefly introduce yourself in a way that we know to whom we are interacting with and to allow us to know each other better so that this forum be as friendliest as possible. A short presentation form with a questionnaire can be provided if it is necessary.

    Chapter 4: Avatar and signature

The size limit of your avatar is up to 200 pixels of width and to 350 pixels of height so that it does not distort the layout of the forum. Icons of a 100x100 format are indeed authorized. Of course, the image chosen must not contain either pornographic image, nor violent or gory image.

Regarding signatures, they must have to exceed a size of 400x200pixels. The spoiler function exists and is made on purpose. This size is sufficient. Let avoid overloading the forum.


Messages published on this forum may be consulted by a public outside forum’s members. This forum holds and preserves all the information which allow the identification of its members and proceed to the archiving deprived of the posted messages.

With respect to modification or deletion of any messages, every member can ask at any time for the modification or for the deletion of its own messages at any time by sending a message to micfrance.cpop@gmail.com indicating title, date of publication, pseudonym and URL.

Protection of personal data
According to the French "Informatique et Libertés" law of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of the data which concern you. You can exercise this right by sending a message to: micfrance.cpop@gmail.com.

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PostSubject: Re: Rules    Tue 26 Jun - 19:12

I read and I approve the rules.
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